These testimonials are extracted from comments and recommendations on Sabine's LinkedIn profile.

Sabine is quite simply the best event manager / organiser in the business.
She ensures every last detail of the event is properly managed, including the guests, and does it with a smile!. She allows you as a host to stop worrying about how the event will work and to relax, enjoy it and spend time with your guests, which is the whole point of the event in the first place.
Financial Services Client
My firm have been using Sabine for over 12 years to run our events.
During this time she has looked after a multitude of different events and circumstances. During the course of her work I have found her to be a consumate professional with a great attention to detail and a great personality. She works extremely hard to take the stress of an event away from you so that you can do what you are supposed to do, network, entertain or promote all at a very reasonable rate too!
Financial Services Client
A big book launch for a debut author is a huge deal.
There are a lot of insecurities that come with it, but Sabine was instrumental in keeping the entire team motivated and on the big day, everything was managed so impeccably and the event progressed so smoothly that it left everyone impressed.
Sabine enabled us to focus on our delegates...
...and was on hand at all times to deal with the numerous issues which crop up at a busy event. Not only was Sabine enormously professional but she was relaxed and friendly and felt to be very much part of our team.
Insurance Client
Dealing with Pendleton Events has been a real pleasure...
...the attention to detail and ability to second guess the clients needs is really invaluable. Whether its for a major conference or an intimate dinner for 12, the service is always top drawer.
Publishing client